Teaching philosophy

Top quality education…

Our commitment is to offer education that conforms to the Official National School Curriculum, adapted to the pace of your child.

Further more, we aim to :

  • Stimulate appreciation for a task well done
  • Arouse the child's curiosity for the world around them
  • Foster respect for the Planet
  • Provide a solid linguistic and scientific foundation
  • Prepare the child to be self-dependant and to take an autonomous and responsible place in society

Our teaching philosophy relies on :

  • Small classes, to allow for individual follow up adapted to the child's abilities.
  • Our teachers and educators working together to encourage and reward the child's efforts.
  • Our humanistic ethic of respect and attention that contributes to the development of a self-confident and balanced personality.
  • Our requirement for discipline in the work of both the children and the teachers.

The School maintains close ties with parents and encourages joint activities with parents and children.

Christmas workshops, themed meals, orienteering challenges are all opportunities for shared happiness.

During the whole of their school life, your children are lovingly offered help and advice...



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